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Ice Lake Rebels

Reality Show Dialogue Scene

Animal Planet's Ice Lake Rebels Season 2.  Peyton has a hurt foot and feeling sad about living in their houseboat. Her boyfriend Kyle tries to cheer her up.

Ice Lake Rebels

Sneak Peek Trailer

Two minute sneak peek trailer aired on Animal Planet for Ice Lake Rebels Season 2. 

Kill, My Lovely

Editor, Writer & Director

A film noir thriller about a detective who falls in love with a murder suspect.  28 mins.

House vs. House

Deleted Scene, Online Content

Deleted scene from FYI Network's House vs. House, a home renovation, competition reality show.  

Scene from Kill, My Lovely

Scripted Dialgoue Scene

A dialogue scene from the short film Kill, My Lovely.  

MLB Highlights

World Series Baseball Highlights

MLB highlights Cardnials vs. Rangers in 2011 World Series.